A Simple South Seas Cruise

Choosing Sides

After our heros collected their reward for bringing the bandits to justice, they set out to investigate the trail of shuffling footsteps that leads souteast into the jungle. After tracking these monstrosities for half a day they find the tomb of a creature that looks like a muscular elf. It appears the creatures that they’re tracking remained at the tomb for quite some time and raided it before moving on. Aside from the body, the only thing they left was a beautiful metal vase made of gold, silver, and other exotic metals. It doesn’t appear to be magical, but looks very valuable. The heros made note of the markings around the tomb and took the vase to ** the cleric of Ukko. He recognized some of the symbols as a very ancient language that has been seen on the west side of the continent, but never this far east. He also recognized an ancient symbol of Ukko on the vase.

While the rest of the party visited the fledgling temple, Tara went in search of a library in the town where she could do some research. In the gated Grizzlenot community, she found something that could charitably be called a cultural center, and uncharitably be called a garage sale. Amoungst the rubbish she managed to ‘aquire’ a very interesting book. It appears to be a text on the translation of this strange language into an ancient form of elvish. No doubt this will be a great help to Myst and Tara in learning about their new discovery.

After the heros discussed their findings over dinner in the Bountiful Catch, Myst and Tara headed home to get some rest. They narrowly avoided an ambush on their way. After getting some reenforcements, they found the bejeweled thugs lying in wait at their house. They dispatched their assailants, taking barely a scratch, and let the city guard clean up the mess. Since the gang was unable to penetrate the houses defenses, our heros retired to a peacful nights sleep.



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