Ukko (LG) The Creator of all sentient beings. Also known as the Father of All or the Source of Good, he delights in all that is good and expressions of creativity. His followers are the greatest force for good in the world.

Torvenus (NG) The goddess of healing is the wife of Ukko. Sometimes known as the Compassionate Mother, she struggles against Kivutar. Her followers are the most powerful healers and are charged to ease suffering in the world.

Finngerd (CG) The god of magic and free will taught sentient beings how to use the power of the gods to make them more independant. He is fascinated with the void (the source of magical power). This fascination leads him to spend time with Tuonitar and is the source of much of the tension between him and his wife, Correnthia. Followers of the Prime Magus make their own way in the world. Independance is prized. Thier only direction is to fight against the systematic oppression of free will.

Correnthia (LG) The goddess or order believes that chaos leads to evil and only order can resist its pull. She hates the chaos of the void more than any others, which is a constant sources of tension with Finngerd, her husband. She is responsible for organized society in the Creation, and her followers value order and law above all else.

Aradia & Herne (NN) The goddess of land and the god of the sea are said to be two halves of the same being. They are the creators of the natural world with all its beauty and savagry. Their treasures range from delicate flower to violent storm, the peace of a sunset and the cold rule of natural selection. Druids that revere them come in as much variety as nature itself.

Rauni (LN) The Judge determines the fate of all souls that pass from Creation. He determines if they have proved themselves worthy of an eternity in paradise or are condemned to destruction at Kalma’s hand. Followers of Aradia and Herne can, if they are found worthy, spend eternity in the perfect nature of summerland. Rauni is the sole decider and his pronouncements are final in order to keep relative peace between the gods. The followers of Rauni believe the rule of law to be supreme.

Kalevala (LN) The goddess of Justice ensures that there are consequences for all actions. She brings souls from the Creation to Rauni’s judgement, and then escorts them to Heaven, Hell, or Summerland as they are judged. Her followers have a deep belief in karma, and see themselves as executing the will of the universe when they dispense rewards and punishment.

Kalma (LE) The god of Death, the god of Destruction, Ender, Eternal Silence. Kalma has many names and is known to all. His only joys are the destruction of souls and the company of his wife. He cares only that the creation is silenced. His followers are forbidden to save a life. His clerics are the only holy men without healing talents. They are a grim group hoping to win his favor and mercy.

Kivutar (NE) The Mistress of Pain is the wife of Kalma. Known to some as the Eternal Scream, she delights in the torture, pain, and suffering of others. Her followers are unparalleled sadists. Kalma’s most reviled enemies receive her personal attention in Hell before their end.

Tuoni (CE) The god of Undeath. His goal is to destroy the creation and replace it with one of his own making. He is one of four gods that have been able to create any form of life, perverted as it may be. Tuoni has many enemies, Kalma because his undead never truely die, Ukko because he plots to destroy the Creation, Finngerd because he works to enslave everything to his will, and Torvenus because of the torment that his undead inflict on departed souls. With so many enemies only his guile, treachery, and wife, Tuonitar, have allowed him to survive and thrive. His followers are necromancers that carry out his plans in the Creation in exchange for powers over the undead.

Tuonitar (CE) The goddess of chaos is obsessed with the void. She wishes to drag the entire universe back into the chaos from whence it came. She and Tuoni share the desire to destroy the creation, and in this they cooperate. The Mad One also has an uneasy aquaintance with Finngerd. Their shared interest in the void makes them curious about each other. While Finngerd hopes to turn her from her evil ways, she is known to manipulate him to the benefit of her husband. Her followers are usually as mad as they are unpredictable, although the most dangerous clerics are the ones that have retained a sliver of sanity.


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