Planes of Existance

Heaven Home of Ukko and Torvenus. This plane is a paradise with golden cities, rolling planes, and peaceful beaches. Souls that pass Rauni’s judgment are guided here to spend eternity with their creator in paradise. Natives to this plane are angels and all manner of celestial beings. Archangels with swords of holy fire guard the plan from those who attempt to enter without invitation.

Hell The home of Kalma and Kivutar. Hell is a plane of paint, despair, and destruction. Souls that fail Rauni’s judgment are driven here to await their destruction. Those misfortunate enough to attract Kivutar’s attention will experience an eternity of suffering before meeting their final end at Kalma’s hand. Their Palace is in the northeast corner of the plane and it is an area of absolute silence. No inhabitants of the plan willing pass within 100 miles of the palace for fear of disturbing Kalma. The native inhabitants of Hell include demons and devils, most of which reside in The Pit. There they pursue and torment souls that are awaiting Kalma’s vengeance.

Summerland Aradia and Herne created a perfect natural realm for their home. Filled with all nature’s beings it is a pristine wilderness.

The Broken Plane The home of Finngerd and Correnthia has been ravaged by the turmoil in their relationship. Her trying to build a lawful and ordered place, him sewing impulsiveness and spontaneity. Little is know about this bizarre place.

Isle of the Undead The home of Tuoni and Tuonitar is a place of horror and unnatural abominations. The Shades, Tuoni’s creations, reside here awaiting the call. The Castle at the peak of the island is where Tuoni experiments to create ‘more perfect’ life.

City of Truth The home of Rauni and Kalevala is where souls are judged before passing on their their final destination.

Planes of Existance

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